The Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair


To most people, pets are way more than just animals they keep at home – they are a part of the family. And just like the other family members that get to stay at home for prolonged amounts of time, they can easily make quite the mess. This usually happens regardless of whether they are trying to do it or not. All pet owners love it when their animals are playful and climb around the furniture, hop on top of their bed or sit in their lap. However, these actions are what exactly causes pet hair to get stuck to everything in the household. Obviously nobody is saying that you should stop paying attention to your pets and never play with them again. The pet hair problem can easily be solved by either grabbing a specialized vacuum cleaner or purchasing attachments for your current one, depending on the model that you are using. It’s important to remember that there is no universal best vacuum for pet hair – it all comes down to your personal needs.

upright vacuums for pet hair

Pet hair can easily get stuck on to carpets, upholstery and clothing, and is usually very difficult to get rid of. Here, standard cleaning methods fail and more specialized assistance is needed. If you try to deal with pet hair, using a standard vacuum cleaner, you will encounter a wide variety of problems – from the vacuum being unable to pick up the pet hair, through clogging issues to suction loss and in some extreme cases even damaging of the cleaned surface. In the recent years, the number of pet owning families has risen all over the world, and the big, vacuum companies are well aware of that. To keep up with the needs of the community, the big brands have came up with thousands of different solutions for all vacuum types. There are canister, upright, handheld, stick and even robot models, specialized in dealing with and removing pet hair.

canister vacuums for pets

The biggest dilemma for a pet owner, looking at the vacuum cleaner market is whether they should purchase a whole new pet hair vacuum or just grab more attachments for their current one. Obviously, this choice isn’t always available, as it mostly depends on what they currently own. Usually, the vacuum type that offers the wide attachment variety is the canister one. This of course doesn’t go to say that uprights and handhelds lack attachments completely – that’s most certainly not the case, especially when we’re talking about vacuum cleaners for pet hair. It’s very difficult to come up with one single attachment that can handle all cleaning jobs flawlessly. Such products do exist, but they’re either rare or expensive. And of course, there are some models that claim to be the best vacuum for pet hair of all time, but they simply aren’t.

handheld vacuums for pets

The choice between upgrading your current model and buying a new one is quite difficult. On one hand, if you are happy with your current model and you don’t live in a very big house where carrying the vacuum around would be a big deal, simply opting for a few extra attachments would be nice. However, for people who live in larger houses and have bigger families, grabbing a new, small, specialized vacuum for pet hair might be a lot better. Bringing out the big, heavy old canister out of the closet to just clean up a bit of pet hair from the chair or the couch isn’t always the best of choices, especially when you don’t have much time on your hands at the moment.

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When it comes to price tags, the situation is once again, quite complicated. Most people would just generally opt for the obviously cheaper variant. But it’s not always that simple. At times, purchasing a few attachments might seem easier and more cost efficient but in the long run, a second vacuum may save you a lot of troubles. The opposite can also be true – going for a shiny new product just because you think it’s great thanks to some interesting factors is never the best idea. The key here is to do a bit of research and think carefully about your options. How big is your home? How many people do you live with? How many pets do you keep? And most importantly – How much free time do you have on your hands. If you have a big home and big family, going for multiple vacuums can never hurt, like we’ve already mentioned above. Answering these questions and doing a bit of research on your own will help you determine what is the best vacuum for pet hair for your home.

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