The Shark Navigator Professional Review – The Best Upright Vacuums

Shark Navigator Professional Lift-AwayThe Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away is a multi functioanl model of the medium price range. The Lift away is an upright vacuum that has been created to be able to handle pretty much any household situation that you put it in. There are very few upright models that are as versatile as this one, which makes it one idea closer to it’s canister cousins. Shark have really outdone themselves with this one, and the hundreds of positive customer comments and upright vacuum reviews can speak for themselves.
Technological Details

Suction wise, the Shark Navigator Professional with its 1200 watt motor, stands at the top of its class. Very few of the other medium class models can compete with it and most of them we’ve already mentioned in our best upright vacuum reveiw series.The model utilizes advanced cyclonic technology that allows it to never lose suction, by separating the fine dirt particles from the air, preventing any possibilities of clogging.The portable Lift-Away canister will aid you in cleaning up staircases, upholstery and acessing small, hard to reach areas of your house and car.
The Shark Navigator Proffessional uses a HEPA-based filtration technology, which makes it a superb choice for people that suffer from allergies, or for those who simply care about what air they breathe.

Cleaning Accessories

In the box of the Shark Navigator Proffessional you can find a Dust-Away hard floor attachment with a duster pad, a large turbo pet power brush, two crevice tools – a 8” and a 24” one, a dusting brush and a lifetime HEPA Trap.

The pet hair brush adds yet another touch of multi functionality to the model ,allowing it to take over the pet hair cleaning duties in your home. Usually, unless a model is advertised as pet hair oriented, you will have to purchase extra attachments to make it work.

Shark Navigator ProfessionalAdvantages

What makes the Shark Navigation Professional one of the best vacuum upright vacuum cleaners you ask? Let’s go over it once again, shall we?

Suction PowerThe models’ 1200 watt motor can easily handle any household task that you test it against, leaving no dust, dirt or pet hair in its wake. The suction power is good enough to compete with pretty much any other medium price range choices, easily outperforming lower class products and even some of the higher class ones.

Awesome for pet hairEven though the Shark Navigator Proffessional is not advertised mainly as a pet hair vacuum cleaner, the added accessory makes it a perfect choice for pet owners. It has no troubles whatsoever when dealing with most types of pet hair, as the cyclonic technology keeps it from clogging.

Weight and ManeuverabilityThe model only weighs 14 lb, which is very light for a product of this calliber and the amazing swivel technology allows it to reach every corner or awkward spot behind and under the furniture. You won’t have any problems cleaning up and down the stairs either.


Just like with every other model, this one has a few details that prevent it from being the best upright vacuum cleaner of all time. But let’s face it – no product is perfect and a single best vacuum cleaner doesn’t really exist.

Hot AirSadly the model emits quite a lot of hot air from its front side, which makes prolonged cleaning sessions rather unpleasant.

No Retractable CordEven if very few people find this a deal breaking problem, it certainly deserves a mention. Some of the customers, especially those with previous medical problems, have left really bad responses about the lack of an automatic retraction for the cord.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum CleanerSummary

The Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away gets from us a 9 out of 10. This is mostly because its problems are situational, and most people don’t really pay them much attention, unless they have related medical problems. For a model of the medium price range, it does its job really good, and on top of that, it is one of the best upright vacuum models for pet hair that can currently be found on the market.

We can easily recommend this product to any pet owner, especially those who don’t mind the cord or the heat problems and don’t experience lower back problems. If you have undergone medical procedures in the recent past, you should contact your doctor and make sure that the additional heat exposure will not be bad for your health.

Pros :

Great Suction Power
Good For Pet Hair

Cons :
Blows Out Hot Air
Lacks A Retractable Cord

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