The Best Stick Vacuum Uses – Where Do They Shine?

We’ve already covered the main ups and downs of Stick Vacuum cleaners in our previous article. Now, we’ll go over the things that they excel at with a bit more details. Again, it is important to keep in mind that even the best stick vacuum cleaner model cannot handle your whole property on its own. Especially when compared to other types such as uprights and canisters the difference is obvious. When put in the supportive role, however, sticks will make the job a lot easier and faster. People find them very similar to handheld models, and it is understandable since their features are usually similar. What they do have on handhelds however is the superior range. This makes them a bit better at certain tasks since they don’t require you to bend as much when you want to clean a table, a piece of furniture or even the inside of your car.

Eureka Quick Up is convertable to handheldDifferent Flooring Types
Stick models are generally capable of handling most flooring types. Hardwood floors aren’t a big issue if the model is designed with them in mind. Because there isn’t any real weight to the vacuum and it lacks any type of wheels, scratching your floor is something that shouldn’t happen at all. Some carpet types might be a bit harder to clean than others, depending on your specific model but in general, stick vacuum cleaners don’t pose a threat to the surfaces you are cleaning.

Taking Care of Pet Hair
Just like any other vacuum type, there are stick models designed with pet hair in mind. And they deal with it just as good as other vacs. The real downsides of the stick vacuum category can hardly get in the way here, unless there are special condition involved (using a model that isn’t meant to deal with high pile carpets to remove pet hair from them comes to mind). Overall they are one of the best vacuum cleaner choices for pet owners since they are very lightweight and easy to carry around the house and clean after your animals.

Eureka Quick Up is very compact

Dealing With Furniture
Well here lighter models shine. While you can use your canister (and to some extent upright) vacuum cleaner to deal with dust on your furniture, the lighter models are great at it, mostly because they have been designed with it in mind. Here their main downsides of low dust capacity and battery reliance aren’t holding them down, since furniture cleaning isn’t really all that long and it doesn’t hold in as much dust. This of course, goes for the handheld models as well but they aren’t really the focus of our article.

Cleaning The Inside Of Your Car
Let’s say you want to vacuum the inside of your car. Would you rather carry your canister vacuum in the garage, dealing with operational range issues, cable length and so on or would you simply grab your trusty stick vac and finish the job in a few minutes?They are great car vacuum cleaners since this is yet again another place where their downsides aren’t as obvious and battery life can’t hold them down. One of the best stick vacuum traits here is that you don’t have to bend as much as you would be forced to with handhelds.

Stick vacuums are very light and versatileStaircases
This is really a place for lightweight products. And here, sticks really outshine everything else if you are looking for the lightest product. Sure, they do take up more space and are a tad heavier than handheld models, but you don’t have to bend all that much. And really, who would even think of using a handheld vacuum for stairs?
However, on staircases, canister models can still compete very well due to their large variety of accessories. But if you don’t own stair cleaning tools for you canister, then the next best thing is grabbing a stick vacuum.

Very easy to clean the dust collectorDrapery and ceiling cleaning
Here is something that sticks are great at. Since they are so light it takes little to no effort to vacuum the drapery and even the ceiling. And again, their downsides don’t apply here. And there is very little competition in the area, because most other vacuum cleaner types aren’t really good at it. It’s mostly between sticks and canisters and it depends on whether or not you have the appropriate attachments for your canister.

Most stick vacuums run on batteryThe Downfalls Of Stick Vacuum Cleaners
Now that we have this covered, let’s take a quick look at what stick vacuums should not be used for.

First and foremost, avoid relying only on a stick model to deal with your entire home. Even though it is possible, even the best stick vacuum won’t be able to handle the job without multiple recharge breaks. You might even need to empty the dust bin a couple of times.
Then come the compatibility issues. Not every model is great for every flooring type, and even though they can’t pose as big of a threat for your floor as heavier vacuum cleaner types, you should avoid using them for things that they aren’t meant to do.

Even if sticks seem like the best choice for dealing with pet hair, if your model isn’t designed for it, chances are it won’t do very well. And this means that you should generally avoid using it for that or end up having to take them apart and thoroughly clean them.

Hoover Stick vacuums can do all kinds ofConclusion
All in all stick models are great for a wide variety of things but they shouldn’t be your main go-to vacuum cleaner. They are mostly for people who already have a solid main vac that they use for complete cleaning and want something lighter to use as an additional, lighter cleaning tool.

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