What Is The Best Handheld Vacuum And When Should I Use One

In our previous article about handhelds, we already covered their general ups and downs. Now it’s time to go take a closer look in to what they are good at. Since while they are great at certain tasks, even the best handheld vacuum cleaners can’t do the work of an upright or a canister. And for some situations, even though a handheld model can do the job, it is simply impractical to use it. This is why we said that this isn’t supposed to be your one and only vacuum. If you already have an upright or a canister and want something that will help you clean your furniture, tables or the car, they are great. But if you are thinking about vacuuming the floor with it, then you should rethink your strategy.

DirtDevil Handheld VacuumVacuuming Furniture

This is one of the areas that handheld models easily dominate. The only competition can come from sticks or canisters. However, canisters are not only heavier but they need the proper attachments as well. And since cleaning your furniture rarely takes long, most people don’t really feel like it’s worth the hassle to do so. Also, here the usual downsides of Handheld models don’t hold them back. You should never have enough dust on your furniture for the dust container to get filled up before you finish cleaning. And it shouldn’t really be possible for the battery to get exhausted before you are done either. This of course goes for stick models as well.

Taking Care of Pet Hair

This is another thing that handhelds excel at. There are many models of the handheld variety, which are designed specifically with pet hair in mind. And most places that pet hair would give you trouble are best cleaned with light, compact models. Of course, vacuuming your carpet with them isn’t the best idea, but if you want to deal with the furniture for example, then handhelds are the best vacuumcleaner choice that you can make.

Eureka RapidClean Handheld VacuumCleaning The Inside Of Your Car

The lack of an annoying cord, that serves to limit the cleaning range and any type of wands, which easily make cleaning in tight spaces awkward resulting in handhelds being the preferred vacuum type for car cleaning. Here, the small dust containers and battery reliance of handheld models aren’t capable of holding them back either. The combination of these qualities is what turns them in to one of the best vacuum cleaner choices for car owners.

Finishing Touches

Handheld models are great to bring in once you are done with your canister cleaning for example. If you lack the necessary attachments to deal with certain delicate tasks or if you simply wish to have better control over the cleaning process, a handheld model can do the job perfectly.

Handheld To Stick

There are multiple handheld to stick models on the market, which offer you the best of both worlds. With them, you can easily have the longer reach of stick vacuums, but only when you need it. At times it is just better to use a trusty compact handheld size product, and with a combination model that won’t ever be an issue. And if you need to clean things such as the drapery or the staircase, where you would need that extra bit of reach, you can simply stick on the wand and get to work.

black and decker handheld

The Downsides Of Handheld Vacuums

While they do have a lot of positive sides, even the best handheld vacuum models do have a few major probles, which prevent them from being the main cleaning star in a household.

The main problem, that we have already talked about is something that they share with the other two “supportive” vacuum types – the sticks and robots. Neither one of them is meant to be your only cleaning tool. This is a role mostly left to canister and upright models, as they have both the capacity and the suction power to deal with a large home.

Compatibility problems. Even if this is not as bad for handhelds as it is for most other models, it’s still something very important and somewhat limiting. In general, unless you are using a model that has a long handle attachment, you shouldn’t really be doing much floor cleaning with your handheld and since this is mostly a flooring problem you can avoid it. But it is important to remember neverless that not every model is meant to deal with every surface. And using products on the wrong surfaces can lead to damaging them, which is obviously something that you should try to avoid to the best ofyour abilities.

Black and Decker DustbusterConclusion

Handhelds are one of the best vacuum cleaner types of the supportive variety, but it is very important to remember that even the best handheld vacuums cannot outperform a good canister or an upright in their own game.

If you are using them for what they are created, however, they will do an amazing job. There is no easier way to vacuum your furniture, tabletops, window frames or the insides of your car than using a handheld model!

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