Stick Vacuum Reviews – Looking For The Best Stick Vacuum

Stick VacuumsWe all know vacuum cleaners are a very important cleaning tool and pretty much every household nowadays owns some type of vac. Some go for uprights, other for canisters or robots. The stick and handheld models are somewhat behind in popularity, since even though they serve a similar role, they have major downsides that usually prevent them from being given the main role. That doesn’t really go to say that they are bad, they simply aren’t meant to do all the work in most cases.

Why Stick Vacuum Cleaners – What Are They Good For?

Despite the obvious lack of dust storage capacity, the somewhat weaker suction and the fact that they usually rely on batteries, stick vacuum cleaners are still great for a number of tasks where their downsides can’t get in the way.

First of all sticks are one of the lightest type around, which almost instantly makes them one of the best vacuum cleaner choices for people with medical history. They excel in anything that has to do with moving around or up and down. It’s extremely easy to vacuum staircases, under the furniture, the furniture itself, behind and around cabinets, the drapery or even the ceiling. They are also an excellent choice for car owners, as it is quite easy to clean the insides of your car using a stick model.

They are also very quiet. Since their motors aren’t as big as the ones of the canister and upright variety, they don’t need much sound suppression and end up making little to no annoying noise when cleaning. As such they are recommended for people who want or have to vacuum while others are sleeping or having conversations. It is very unlikely that your relatives will get disturbed by your vacuuming when using a model of the stick variety.

The reliance on batteries isn’t always a bad thing either. It the case of stick models it isn’t really a limiting factor, since by the time that the battery has to be recharged you will either already be done with your cleaning session, or you will have to empty the vacuums’ dust container. The cords of other model types also serve as a nuisance at times – not only is it possible for people to trip over it, but it also limits your cleaning range and makes taking care of certain tasks much tricker (car vacuuming comes to mind). Here there aren’t any problems like this.

And last but not least, comes the price tag. Stick vacuum models are usually way cheaper than uprights and canisters, and in some cases even robots. This actually makes them way more accessible than most other models, which is great since they aren’t nearly as bad as some stick vacuum reviews make them look.

Sticks are perfect for quick cleaning everyday

Sticks Versus The Rest – A Quick Comparison

There are usually three things that make this model type unattractive for most people. The somewhat weaker suction, the lack of dust storage and the reliance on batteries.

Suction PowerWell to be completely fair, nobody can (or should for that matter) expect even the best stick vacuum cleaner to be able to compete with a canister model suction wise. They simply aren’t designed to be the main cleaning tool in a home. Stick models are meant to take on the supportive role so to speak. They should come in either after the work is mostly done and add finishing touches. Or you can use them to take care of small emergencies, for which taking out the big heavy vacuum isn’t really worth it. And for the most part they are able to do everything that they are meant for really well.

Dust StorageEven the best stick vacuum models have this problem. There are models that are capable to hold in more dust than others, that’s true. But in general sticks are not meant for continuous usage and should be emptied on a regular basis. This will also prevent any loss of suction that may occur (even though most of the models in our best stick vacuum reviews category don’t really have that problem).

Battery RelianceApart from the fact that we mentioned earlier where the battery life shouldn’t really be the limiting factor in the length of your cleaning sessions, there really is not much else to say or do here. Some models have longer lasting batteries than others but in general, you can never have a cordless model operate for as long as the cord ones.

Summing It Up


  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • No annoying cords
  • Cheap


  • Not as powerful as other types
  • Smaller dust storage

Stick vacuums are light and compactJust like with every other model type, there are hundreds of sticks competing for the best vacuum cleaner title. And just like with the other categories, there are very few products that are actually worthy of it. Similar to a canister, handheld or upright model, when picking a stick vac, the most important thing that you have to consider are your personal needs. What type of home do you live in? Do you keep pets? How many people live with you? What type of flooring do you have? Do you have draperies? You have to make sure that the model you are getting can handle everything that your home can throw at it.

The other very important question is do you have another vacuum? Even the best stick vacuum cleaner can’t handle cleaning a whole house on its own. The battery life and dust storage simply aren’t enough to be able to perform such a task. If you live in a large home or a house of your own, we recommend that you have a look at a canister or an upright model first and only after that go back and choose a stick.

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