Robot Vacuum Reviews – Looking For The Best Robot Vacuum

Finding a good vacuum cleaner for your home can sometimes be a troublesome task. However, even once you are finally done with that, the need to get additional cleaning tools can still be there. Not everyone has the time to clean as frequently as they should and if hiring extra help is out of the question, then other measures should be taken. And robot models exist just for cases like this. They are the best vacuum cleaner choice for people who just haven’t got enough time to take care of all their floor cleaning. Robot vacuum cleaners are generally great for all types of flooring, even though different models are created with different tasks in mind and thus excel at them.

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

General Robot Vacuum Applications

Robot models are a bit different than other vacuum cleaner types. Since they are meant to take care of floors without the need of attention or help from their owners their weight doesn’t matter much (or at all even). They have decent dust storage capacity, usually enough to deal with their current task if they have previously been emptied. Because of the way their sensors work, they might sometimes bump into furniture and require some assistance (cheaper models may at times get confused around more artistic pieces of furniture). And even if they are more than capable to deal with their fair share of cleaning tasks, they should by no means be your primary vacuum. Even the best robot vacuum cleaners will have troubles dealing with a whole home on their own, as this isn’t what they are meant for. Robots are designed to be the extra help, not the main star of the show.

Noise levelsThe good robot vacuums are one of the most quiet products around, as their little motors don’t produce too much noise. This fits their role greatly, as they can go around and do their business while you or your relatives are sleeping, without really disturbing your rest. Even the noisiest of robots shouldn’t be able to get into the way of your conversations, especially if they are not in the same room as you.

iRobot Roomba is very smartBattery reliance and maintenance - This is something that a lot of people worry about when they are thinking about purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner. Well, truth be told, there are many models which experience a load of troubles when it comes to that. Their batteries might die halfway through, if they get stuck somewhere not only will their cleaning session end there but their battery will also slowly drain until you go over and carry them back to their recharge station. The best robot vacuums however, experience these problems a lot less frequently, as they generally have less trouble navigating much better battery life and operational schedule. When done with its task, a robot model will go back to its recharge station on its own and wait there, until the time for the next scheduled cleaning sessions comes.

Robots Features Comparison

Suction Power - The best robot vacuums are capable of competing with most other floor cleaning products suction-wise. This doesn’t go to say that they are really on par with say high class canister and upright models but they are close enough to be able to handle pretty much anything they come across. They definitely come out on top when compared to handhelds and sticks.

iRobot can be controlled from a distanceDust CapacityWhile they don’t have the huge dust capacity of canister and upright models, robots have more than enough to do their job. And if you remember to empty them on a regular basis in between their cleaning sessions, they should never run into the problem of being too full to continue with their tasks.

Battery LifeStick and handheld models may at times get in situations where their battery can’t last long enough to complete the cleaning session. A robot vacuum rarely gets in such troubles as it always gets recharged to full before the start of its cleaning. And some robot vacuums have the option to go back to their recharge station once the battery drains to a certain level, which prevents them from getting stuck in the middle of their duties.


  • Will keep your floors clean regardless of where you are
  • Quiet
  • Mostly Self Sufficient
  • Can Recharge On Their Own


  • Less powerful than canister and uprights
  • Still need the owner to empty their dust bins

Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum CleanerOn our site you will find a couple of robot vacuum reviews, covering the best robot vacuums that are currently on the market with their specific ups and downs. Again, we cannot promise to give you the best vacuum cleaner of all time, since one doesn’t exist yet. What we can give you are the top customer choices and the top scoring products (as seen on many other robot vacuum review sites as well).

Overall getting a robot vac is a great time and effort saving choice with only one major downside. Even though we’ve already said that a few times, we would like to point it out again – never have a robot as your only vacuum cleaner. They are great at what they do, but even the best robot vacuum models cannot outperform a canister or an upright model on their own.

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