BISSELL CleanView – The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner On A Budget

BISSELL CleanView 9595In this upright vacuum review you can read about the BISSEL CleanView OnePass 9595. This model is a great example of what a low priced upright vacuum should be. Sadly, most of the budget solutions in the upright category are unreliable and not very durable. However this is not the case with the CleanView OnePass. The model is quite durable and doesn’t carry the usual downsides of its class.

Technological Details

Suction wise the BISSEL CleanView OnePass 9595 is one of the best upright vacuum cleaners of the low price range. Its small, lightweight motor is powerful enough to put most of its competitors to shame, and is very capable of standing up to higher priced models. The cyclonic technology used here means that the CleanView does not lose suction regardless of how full the dust bin might end up being.

The vacuum’s cord is 25 feet long, which is pretty decent even in comparison to some of the medium class models and definitely beats most cheap choices. When combined with its light weight, this makes it a perfect candidate for staircase,basement and attic cleaning.

Thanks to the turbo brush, the model also has little to no problems dealing with all types of carpets, bare floors and hardwood floors. There is however, a big downside presented by the same tool – since it is impossible to turn the brush off, it does very poorly on tiles – it just ends up pushing the dirt and dust around.

Just like the name suggests, the OnePass is created with the idea to clear up as much as possible on the very first try. This allows it to deal with its tasks a lot faster than what most of the competition can offer, thus shortening the cleaning sessions and freeing up your time.

Cleaning Accessories

In the box of the BISSEL CleanView OnePass 9595 you get a Turbo Brush tool, a Crevice Tool, a Dusting Brush tool, an Extension Wand and a expandable hose (that can extend up to 6 feet). These tools are pretty much standard for the class, as there aren’t many vacuums that can function properly and do their job without them. However, the TurboBrush here is extremely important as it is designed to be able to deal with pretty much anything. It allows the model to excel in dealing with all types of carpets with ease. It also does great on all types of furniture and upholstery. Like with many other models, purchasing additional attachments is not just an optional extra. For example, pet owners can grab an attachment that will greatly increase your vacuums ability to deal with all types of pet hair, which is great for a product of this price range.

BISSELL CleanView Details


AccessibilityThe low price tag on this model makes it really accessible to the general public and ends up turning it in to one of the most popular products of the upright category. Sadly it has also brought upon the model the wrath of many reviewers, as there still are tons of people that think price = quality, so the best upright vacuum cleaner must be the most expensive one. Well this model illustrates very well how untrue this statement is.

SuctionThe BISSEL CleanView OnePass offers exceptional suction for its price tag and can compete with more expensive models without much trouble. It will of course not reach the power output of the thousand dollar models, but it can hold its own very well. We are yet to encounter any customer complaints about its suction power.

Lightweight and QuietThanks to its multiple plastic parts, the model is very light and this makes it great even for people who have had medical issues in the recent past. And even if it is not the most quiet thing that you can find on the market, it certainly can stand up to a wide variety of medium priced suggestions.

BISSELL CleanView Advantages


ReachSadly the model doesn’t have the longest of reaches, even in its own category. And while it is above average, there is still something to be desired here.

On/Off SwitchThere are quite a few complaints about the position of the on/off switch, as many people find it hard to reach and annoying. This rarely is deal breaking, unless we are talking about old people or those with lower back problems and recent injuries.

BISSELL CleanView with OnePass, 9595Summary

The BISSEL CleanView OnePass 9595 is great at what it does, even if we don’t account for its price tag. Once the fact that the model is low class comes in to play, we have one of the best upright vacuum cleaner choices, especially for those of you that are looking for a budget solution. The main downsides concern mostly people with injuries, lower back problems and the elderly, and are pretty much completely countered by the positive sides, especially if you have no problems with its shorter reach and switch positions.

This model gets a 9.2/10 and we can easily recommend it for everyone that is on the lookout for a cheap, lightweight model that can perform almost as good as most medium priced vacuums.

Pros :

  • Cheap
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight

Cons :

  • Short Reach (short power cord)
  • No Attachment Storage

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