Best Vacuum Cleaner Under 100

In this article you can read our best vacuum cleaner under 100 dollars list. If you are familiar with our previous reviews you will know that the quality of a vacuum cleaner is never fully measured by its price tag. Even though the more expensive products will always offer more suction power as well as handy additions, budget vacuum cleaners are not something that you should underestimate. There are quite a few models out there that can hold their ground very well, even when paired against much more expensive products. Here we are going to suggest a couple of different models for those of you, who are looking for budget solutions. Without further ado, let’s begin with our list:

Our Best Vacuum Cleaner Under 100 List

Below you can find a bit more information about the models in our table. This should help you find the product that is best suitable for the specific needs of your home.

bissell zing bagless canister vacuumBISSELL Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum
The third company, famous for its very cheap but top quality vacuum cleaners is BISSELL and here we have a prime example of why you should choose their models over almost anything else. The BISSELL Zing Bagless Canister offers awesome suction power combined with a three-stage filtration and bagless convenience. Even though the Zing Bagless isn’t the lightest vacuum cleaner under 100, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to move around or use. Sadly its power comes with the trade off of it being somewhat noisy.

best vacuum cleaner under 100Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum
We will start off our best vacuum cleaner under 100 dollars compilation with a rather obvious suggestion. The Eureka Mighty Mite has been a top selling product in the category for quite a while now and it has every reason to be as famous and popular as it is. It offers extremely good suction with its 12 amp motor, it is very lightweight and compact, which allows for easy storage and maneuverability and comes with a decent choice of on-board tools and conveniences. The biggest downfall of this model is its poor performance on rugs.

best vacuum cleaner under $100BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum
The final model featured in our best vacuum cleaner under 100 list is yet again a BISSELL model. The main difference between the BISSELL Zing variations featured here comes from the bags. The bagless model comes at a lower cost, due to never having to think about changing and buying new bags, where as the bagged one will have a bit higher maintenance cost but will bring more convenience. The major downside of this model comes from its poor performance when it comes to dealing with carpeting.

best vacuum under 100Dirt Devil Featherlite Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum
Like always, when looking for high quality yet cheap vacuum cleaners, you can rest assured that you will find something worthwhile in Dirt Devils’ catalog so this model being a part of our best vacuum cleaner under $100 list should not come as a surprise to anyone. This canister vacuum is powered by a surprisingly quiet, 10 amp motor which will bring you all the suction that you can need for your household tasks. It comes equipped with a HEPA filter, 2-in-1 Dusting Brush, a Crevice tool and a Bare Floor nozzle with a Retractable Brush. This makes the Dirt Devil Featherlite an exceptional choice for dealing with hardwood floors and its small and gentle wheels wont hurt your flooring surface. The biggest disadvantage of the model comes from the fact that its air vent blows backwards and this can easily stir the dust and dirt up and mess with your cleaning pattern

vacuums under 100$Eureka AirExcel Compact Canister Vacuum
Next we have the AirExcel Compact – an excellent budget vacuum cleaner choice from Eureka. The AirExcel is powered by an 9 amp motor which brings it just enough suction to be able to do its job properly while avoiding unnecessary noise. It offers pretty decent reach in comparison to most of its competitors, having a 16.5 inch long cord that can be easily rewound with the press of a single button. The model is meant to deal with carpets and bare floors alike and comes properly equipped to do so. On the downside, the model lacks on-board storage space for its different attachments.

All of the models in our best vacuum under $100 list share a lot of features and they mostly differ by price tag and specializations. We would highly recommend that you pick and choose your model based on your living environment and not on generalized scores. For some a bit of reach might be a lot more important than a more on-board storage space, for others it might be the different types of flooring and so on. In the end of the day, nobody can tell you what the best vacuum cleaner under 100 dollars for your home is without knowing specific details and it is fully up to you to take the time and read the model specific reviews.

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