Best Upright Vacuum Reviews – Dyson DC24 Animal

Dyson DC24 Animal CompactThe Dyson DC 24 Animal Compact is a model of the medium price tag. It also happens to be one of the most popular customer choices, due to the many benefits it offers. As a part of the DC upright series, the model shares quite a few features with its predecessor and its one big downfall is the weaker suction power when compared to the more expensive DC representatives. This of course means that we are actually comparing it to some of the best upright vacuum cleaners on the market that are also priced way higher. So let’s have a closer look of the DC24s’ features.

Technological Details

Suction wise, like we already said, the model is weaker than the DC33 and DC4x models, but that is mostly due to the price tag difference. Here you have 100 a/w to work with, as opposed to the 235 a/w of the high class models. This will by no means stop you from dealing with most household tasks. As a matter of fact, the DC24 Animal is more than capable of competing with pretty much any other medium class model suction-wise and come out either on top or at least very close.

The model has a maximum reach of 27.8 feet, which is pretty decent for its caliber. This will allow you to easily clean up and down staircases, nearby rooms, the garage, attic and so on. The electrical cord itself is 20 feet long.

Since we are talking about the DC series, we of course have the Root Cyclone and Ball technologies once again. They provide maximum suction and maximum maneuverability for the vacuum at no additional downsides.
Cleaning Accessories

Accessories-wise we have a mini turbine head, a combination tool and a stair tool to work with. This tool set is more than enough to deal with your average home cleaning tasks. The main reason for the model to exist however is pet hair. And this is what it really excels at. Yes you can use it just like any other upright vacuum cleaner and it will never disappoint you. But you will only see it shine above the competition when you use it for what its meant for. There are pretty much no negative responses to be found about the DC24s ability to deal with all kinds of pet hair – neither from customers nor from upright vacuum review mediums.

Dyson DC24 HandleAdvantages

Time to have a closer look at the model’s advantages one by one before recommending it as a possible best upright vacuum cleaner choice.

Powerful SuctionEven if it can’t match the high class models’ power output, the motor of the DC24 Animal is strong enough to compete with any other medium class pet vacuum on the market. And if you choose to use it as a standard upright, it won’t disappoint you either, as it has more than enough tools to fully clean up your home.

Awesome for pet hairLike we’ve already said, this is the best upright vacuum cleaner for pet hair of the medium price range from Dyson. You can read that for yourself in multiple places, reviews and customer responses, not just on our site. The model has already been around for some time, and pet owners overall have fallen in love with it.

Lightweight And ManeuverableThe DC24 is extremely lightweight with its 11.6 lbs, making it perfect for people with recent back injuries. When we add to this the easy steering provided by the Ball technology, we end up with a product that lets you clean up effortlessly without putting any pressure on.

Dyson DC24 SuctionDisadvantages

We’ve already briefly talked about the negative sides of the model, now let’s have another go at them.

ReachSadly the vacuum does not offer as long of a reach as people usually expect when they hear Dyson. Even though it is more than enough for most tasks, the shorter cleaning radius is certainly a big downside.

No easy attachment storageEven though the vacuum comes with a bunch of attachments, there is nowhere to store them on-board. The more people share the model the trickier the situation gets, as there are more chances for the attachments to get misplaced.

Dyson AnimalSummary

The DC24 gets a solid 9 out of 10. Sadly, this model has gotten a lot of bad rep, mostly because people only care about hearing the big company name. As soon as they read that it says Dyson, they already expect top tier vacuum, both suction and convenience-wise. And a medium tier model can’t really offer them all that. This has resulted in various online best upright vacuum review mediums giving it way lower score than it deserves.

We can wholeheartedly recommend this model to every pet owner that is looking for an upright of the medium price range as it will be able to cover pretty much all of their reasonable expectations. And the downsides provided by the somewhat short cleaning range and the lack of attachment storage on-board are easily overshadowed by the models’ positive aspects.

Pros :

  • Powerful Suction
  • Great at what it does
  • Lightweight

Cons :

  • Short Reach
  • No Attachment Storage

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