The Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners – Hoover WindTunnel SH40070

Hoover WindTunnel SH40070This canister vacuum review will focus on a very popular canister model by Hoover. We have not reviewed many of the Hoover canister vacuum cleaners, mainly due to their price tags but this model is at a perfect place. The price tag of the Hoover WindTunnel SH40070 puts it in the medium price range, and it offers more than enough functionality to stand toe to toe with pretty much any other model out there.

Technological Details

The Hoover WindTunnel SH40070 offers quite a bit of suction power and mobility for a model of this price range, with its Wind Tunnel 3 technology allowing for greater suction than most of the competition. The Steerable Technology allows the model to navigate smoothly around the furniture in your home, turning corners and obstacles into a non-issue. The model excels at dealing with hard flooring. The controls are located on the handle, for easy access and comfort. The SH40070 is a bagless canister vacuum cleaner, which means no annoying little additional expenses and an easy to clean up canister.

Cleaning Accessories

The Hoover WindTunnel SH40070 comes with the usual set of attachments for a canister vacuum, featuring a telescopic wand, a crevice tool, a brush and some extra tools that make cleaning the harder to reach places, like under the furniture a breeze. However the model lacks the ability to deal with carpets and rugs as well as pet hair. The telescopic handle can stretch enough to ensure a comfortable cleaning process regardless of your height.


The biggest upsides of the Hoover WindTunnel SH40070 are quite obvious. The model is very lightweight and has no problems dealing with any kind of hard floor. It comes with a decent number of attachments that allow it to tackle most household tasks and is very easy to use and maneuver. When we add the low price tag to the whole mix, the model can very easily stand up to our other best canister vacuum cleaner suggestions and that’s exactly why we decided to review it.

Powerful SuctionLike with every other of our suggestions, the most notable thing in the Hoover WindTunnel SH40070 is its great suction power. There are very few other models in the medium price range that can come close to it and you can read about most of them in our previous articles.

LightweightThis is a very important feature for a small sized model that is advertised as maneuverable and Hoover have not let us down in any way. The model is light enough that it wont cause problems to anyone who doesn’t have a medical history even when carried around excessively.

Awesome for hard flooringThis is where the Hoover WindTunnel SH40070 excels. It is very clear that the main idea behind the development of the model has been dealing with hard floors and the final product can easily be classified as one of the best canister vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors that are currently on the market.

This Hoover is bagless


The disadvantages in this case come from the rather limited functionality for a canister model. Usually we like to say that even the best canister vacuum cleaner models are nothing without their attachments, and they shouldn’t be judged about their performance in a given task unless equipped with the proper tools. However, this model will have great troubles when dealing with carpets and area rugs and there isn’t much that attachments can do about it. On top of that, it can overheat faster than other popular models and will end up being a bit more noisy.

Problems with carpets and rugsWhatever you do, the Hoover WindTunnel SH40070 will always have problems when dealing with carpeting and area rugs. If you own a lot of those, it would be best to look into other models, unless you already own a carpet-specialized one.

LoudDespite being small and lightweight, the SH40070 is quite loud when it comes to cleaning at full power and it’s not a good idea starting a cleaning session if the members of your household want to have some rest.



The score of this model is vastly dependent on the type of home that it has to clean. If you would take it to a place that has a lot of carpet and area rugs, it will perform poorly and would not be worthy of a score above 7 out of 10. However if you do not own a large amount of carpets and rugs, it will most certainly do its job without any problems, earning 9 out of 10 with ease.

The model is quite multi functional but its main downside remains unchanged even by its good attachments. As long as you can keep it off carpets and rugs, however, it will do its job extremely well and should not disappoint you. Carpet owners should look into different models.

WindTunnel AirPros:

  • Powerful Suction
  • Great for hard floors
  • Lightweight and easy to navigate


  • Bad for carpets
  • Overheats fast


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