The Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners of 2014 – Miele S6 Onyx

This canister vacuum review will go over another high quality model by Miele. The S6270 Miele S6270 OnyxOnyx follows the usual company formula, offering exceptionally high quality at slightly higher than average price. Just like the other models in the S series, the Onyx is built to last and will not disappoint you neither in the longevity nor in the functionality department. Because of the great success of its predecessors in the S series, this model has a lot of expectations to live up to and we’re going to go over how well it does and how close it gets to being the best canister vacuum cleaner on the market in this article.

Technological Details

The S6 Onyx is powered by a 1,200-watt Miele-made Vortex Motor which makes cleaning a breeze. The model is meant to achieve maximum performance and efficiency without sacrificing design or weight. This has resulted in a very lightweight, yet incredibly durable piece of technology. The Onyx will be able to deal with any dust, dirt and allergens in your home without an issue and will do so quietly, making it ideal for bigger families.

The Miele S6270 Onyx comes with a 2-motor system, offering separate control for the electrobrush tool . The suction control is operated via a rotary dial with 6 different power settings to choose from, depending on the situation as well as the flooring surface that you are dealing with. The filtration system typically for Miele products is also top-notch. The AirClean Sealed System operates with changeable Filter Bags making the model excellent at stopping the micro dust particles and allergens and making the air safe and healthy to breathe.

Cleaning Accessories

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, accessories are of utmost importance, as they serve to reinforce the main upside of the model type – the multifunctionality. The more accessories a model has, the closer it is to being the best canister vacuum cleaner on the market.
The S6270 Onyx does not disappoint. It comes with a typically wide variety of tools and can make use of special extras purchasable separately for specific conditions. The standard model box includes a crevice nozzle (for dealing with those difficult to reach areas), an upholstery tool (for your furniture), a dusting brush,a SBD 205-3 Turbo Comfort TurboBrush (for the standard cleaning procedures) as well as a The SBB Parquet Twister (for hard surfaces). Those tools allow the model to best operate on smooth surfaces and low pile carpeting.

Onyx functionality


Like we’ve already discussed, not all models make it to our best canister vacuum reviews category. In this section of our review, we’ll list why exactly the Miele S6270 Onyx made it this far.

Longevity – Built to last. This is a staple for Miele products. Because of their substantially higher price tag, the models of the German company simply have to be able to last a very long time otherwise they would not be able to properly compete with cheaper models. The Miele Onyx comes with a 7 year motor and casing warranty, ensuring that you will get your money’s worth.

Lightweight – While this is usually something that vacuum cleaner engineer try to always keep in mind, here it is taken to a whole new level. The main idea behind the design of the Onyx is power and functionality without sacrificing design and weight and this is easily noticeable even at first glance.

Suction power – Last but not least we get to the suction power. Usually, this is the first thing we look at with less popular models and brands but for Miele this is never a concern – their models are generally top-notch when it comes to performance. The Onyx does not fail to deliver either. It’s suction power is more than enough to take care of everything that a standard household can present it with.

Miele S6 can reach all difficult spots


The main downside of the model doesn’t lie neither in its performance nor in its functionality. As usual with Miele products, the biggest problem is the price tag. There aren’t many customers that are willing to pay this much for a vacuum cleaner, even if it’s a top of the line deal.

Expensive – Even though the S6Onyx is more than worth its price tag, it’s still one of the more expensive models out there and there aren’t many customers willing to pay this much. If you are looking for a budget solution, this isn’t the vacuum cleaner for you.


S6270 OnyxIn the end of the day, the Miele S6270 Onyx gets a 9.1 out of 10. The overall excellent performance and multifunctionality of the product are only slightly held back by its high price tag. The main upsides of the Onyx lie in its suction power, low weight and longevity, allowing it to easily outshine cheaper models as it simply offers more than they can, outweighing the price differences. The S6 Onyx is an excellent choice for bigger homes and families as it can deal with a large variety of environments and is very quiet and easy to operate

On the downside, if you are looking for a budget solution or if you don’t have any low-piled carpets and hard floor surfaces to deal with, the Onyx doesn’t have much to offer.


  • Multifunctionality
  • Great Suction Power
  • Light weight


  • High Price Tag


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