The Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner on a Budget – Eureka AirExcel Compact

Eureka AirExcel CompactIn today’s canister vacuum cleaner review we will be covering another great example of cheap and accessible yet very reliable and solid vacuum choice. This time, the model comes from the Eureka company, showing us once again that they make some of the best canister vacuum cleaners on the market. The Eureka AirExcel Compact Canister Vacuum is a small, lightweight green wonder, with a HEPA filter and an easy to empty dust cup.

Technological Details

The Eureka AirExcel Compact is quite the powerful little model, easily capable to standing up to some of the most powerful canister vacuums in its price range. It utilizes the multi-cyclonic vacuuming system that allows it to never lose suction while cleaning. The model is meant to be able to deal with multiple types of flooring – bare floors, hardwood floors, carpets and rugs pose no problem for the AirExcel, with its 9 amp motor power contained in barely 8 pounds of weight. The HEPA filter makes it great for people with health problems and allergies, as it can catch up to 99% of the allergenic and dust particles in the air, making it cleaner and safer to breathe.

Cleaning Accessories

Like most of Eureka’s products, the AirExcel Compact doesn’t come with all that many different accessories. And while this could easily be seen as a disadvantage for a canister model, which should rely on a wide variety of attachments to remain relevant, the AirExcel can tackle most of the standard canister vacuum tasks just fine with its basic attachments. It comes equipped with a standard issue adjustable telescopic wand, giving it reach and maneuverability. Like most of its more expensive cousins, the model is also compatible with a wide variety of extra attachments that you can purchase separately, making it more effective at certain tasks. Like we use to say – the best canister vacuum cleaner is the one with the best attachments for your task.

Can reach hard places and its easy to use


The AirExcel Compact has quite a few upsides, which allow it to take its rightful place amongst the best canister vacuum cleaner models on the market right now. Just like always, we give a lot of attention to a model’s power output and Eureka don’t fail to deliver – the suction power is great. Then come the accessibility and maneuverability of the model, because of its low price tag and light weight in combination with the telescopic wand. And last but by no means least, comes its durability – rarely can you find a model of this price range that is as durable as the AirExcel.

PowerfulThere aren’t many products of this price tag that can match the AirExcel’s power output and this was one the main reasons that convinced us to feature it on our website. It’s yet another great example of what the Eureka engineers are capable of.

AffordableThe price tag of the model is low enough to make it accessible to a very wide public, yet it is good enough to escape being labeled as one of the “cheap vacuums” on the market, thanks to its great features and design.

Lightweight and ManeuverableJust like the name suggests, the model is very lightweight and easy to navigate allowing you to effortlessly sweep your home and carry it around if the need arises. This makes it perfect for dealing with staircases or awkward to reach areas, thanks to its telescopic wand.

Cleaning is easy


The biggest disadvantage of the model is its rather obvious inability to deal with pet hair. This makes it a horrible choice for pet owners, as it can both have big troubles in picking up the pet hair and experience a lot of clogging issues if and when it does manage to gather it.

Not Great for Pet HairPet owners should stay away from this model, as it is simply not designed to deal with any type of pet hair.

Eureka AirExcel Body


We give the model a good, solid 8.2 out of 10. While the low price tag and good suction power combination make it a very attractive option to the average customer, its inability to deal with pet hair in a time where most households actually feature pet ends up being a huge restriction. However, if you are not a pet owner, or if you already have a model that can deal with the pet hair and you are simply looking for something that can clean your floors, hard surfaces, drapery and so on, than this is one of the best canister vacuum cleaner choices that you can make. And if that is the case, you can easily look at it as 9 out of 10.

AirExcel Bagless Air FlowPros:

  • Great Suction
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and Durable


  • Can’t Deal With Pet Hair


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