Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – Finding The Best Vacuum Cleaners

Finding a good vacuum cleaner for your home is not an easy task, and we at VacuumConsult know that very well. This has been a huge part of our motivation when creating our website. We aim to provide you, our customers, with the largest selection of good products to choose from, without trying to smudge your eyes with the usual marketing tricks that salesmen at your local stores will. Here you will find dozens of different reviews covering all types of vacuum cleaners – Upright, Canister, Handheld, Stick and Robot.

It’s important to understand and remember, however, that the term the best vacuum cleaner is individual to everyone. It depends on various factors and it’s simply impossible for us to present to you a model that will be perfect for every situation – as such a product doesn’t exist yet.

The eternal debate – Which is the best vacuum cleaner type?

Again, the above statement applies. There is no universal model. Some products are great at cleaning stairs, others perform stellar on hardwood floors and carpeting. Some are designed specifically with pet hair in mind, others are meant to help you clean up your car. Their intended purposes vary greatly, but that rarely means that a vacuum will be useless to you outside of what it’s marketed for. We generally aim to provide you only with vacuum cleaner reviews, covering the best products that you can get for your money, which means that we avoid one-dimensional models. Below you can read a quick summary about each vacuum type.

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners

These models are great for their large dust bins, long reach and their amazing versatility. They are perfect for people who live in large apartments or own houses with multiple types of flooring. The versatility of canister vacuums comes from the great number of attachments that can be added to them. With the correct attachments a canister vacuum is capable of competing with pretty much any other type of vacuum.When picking a model, it’s very important to take note of what attachments it can work with, as they can easily turn tasks from very difficult and unpleasant into a really smooth experience that doesn’t feel like a chore at all! Our suggestions here vary from the cheap but effective Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum Cleaner to the very expensive but incredibly powerful Miele S8990 UniQ.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners

They excel at cleaning most types of flooring, carpets, and rugs. Many of these models are designed with pet hair in mind, and are a preferred choice for people who have animals at home. They are also pretty great at cleaning staircases and awkward to reach places, since they are lighter, especially when compared to canisters. Their main weaknesses lie in their smaller dust compartments, smaller reach, and the limitations that battery life puts on them (for the cordless ones). They are generally cheaper than canisters, but still more expensive than the models below, while still being able to somewhat compete with both. They don’t use many accessories, but they still a bunch of choices.


Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners

stick vacuumThese are pretty much lighter alternative of the Upright variety. They are meant to be used for similar tasks, but they have much smaller dust storage compartments, and generally offer less suction power. They are great for cleaning up cars and furniture, as they weigh a lot less than most Uprights. These are recommended for people who have recently undergone medical procedures, or for those who have health problems – it’s almost impossible to get tired of using them.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld models are generally meant for light, quick tasks, as their batteries won’t hold out long enough for cleaning sessions longer than 10-15 minutes. This somewhat limits their usefulness to cleaning stuff such as furniture, the inside of your car, or quickly vacuuming up something spilled. Most of the models that we have reviewed are created with pet hair in mind, mostly because all the places they are useful at are the same places where pets like to lay.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

robot vacuumFinally, let’s finish off with these little buggers. Robot models are special, as they are designed to handle their tasks generally without your help. And most of the ones, that we are reviewing are quite capable of doing so, but to be fair technology hasn’t advanced quite enough yet for them to be completely self-sufficient. They are great for all types of flooring, but they can sometimes get stuck and will require your aid to get back to their tasks, or their recharge station. On the other hand, you won’t have to worry too much about cleaning your floors even while you are away from home.

The Price Tags

Generally most salespeople will try their best to shove their idea of what the best vacuum cleaner for you is down your throat. And more often than not, this will be the most expensive thing that they can trick you into purchasing. We, at VacuumConsult believe that there are viable, solid choices to be had from all price ranges. Sure, expensive beasts like the ones provided by Miele are incredible at what they do, and will last a long time, but not everyone likes to spend their whole month’s earnings on a cleaning device, even if it’s one of the canister vacuum cleaner models on the market, right?

And there are perfectly viable, yet less flexible solutions down the price tag as well. For example, some of the best vacuum cleaner under 100 models coming from Eureka and BISSELL can, even without all the fancy accessories and attachments that expensive products bring to the table, complete most of the common household tasks with ease. In the end, it’s mostly about how much you are willing to put forward. The higher the price tag, the more extra features, added durability (up to extra years for the most of our expensive products) and comfort.

For us, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, so we have excluded all products that aren’t worth their cost (and to be frank, there are TONS of these things out there). In the end of the day what you choose comes down to your personal preference and we hope that with the help of our canister vacuum reviews you will make the right choice. Whether you pick a Miele model or an Eureka one, it makes no difference to us as long as you are happy with what you’ve got.